Outputs & Resources

Outputs & Resources

Outputs & Resources

This project aims to create 6 intellectual outputs to help schools, teachers and practitioners improve the quality of career guidance provision with the use of digital tools.

01 Guidelines for teachers


This output consists of a report on emerging needs in career guidance in Europe. Data from more than 200 questionnaires and focus groups were gathered to identify and critically evaluate the state of the art of career guidance in Europe. This research report considers the point of view of both practitioners and students from secondary schools and represents the rationale for the development of the other project outputs.

02 Web portal for career guidance


This output consists in an innovative web portal aimed at providing tailored web resources and on-line career guidance environments for students and young people.

The web portal will offer a guide to help students answer the question “How do I take my career decisions?”. It will include an open space for e-guidance, where students can create their own space for collecting resources, information and advices (e-portfolio).

03 A quality framework for career guidance


This output consists in an handbook for school managers, teachers, decision makers and stakeholders in the field of education and career services.
The document presents a Quality Framework for career guidance and aims at helping schools and career guidance providers improve the quality of their services for students.

Prof. Sultana, Summary of the Quality Framework Handbook

04 Web map device


This output consists in a web map, an interactive display of geographic information that helps students and teachers find career guidance services, events, work-based learning opportunities, internships by local enterprises and other local services.

05 Career guidance App


This output consists in an application, a user friendly software that each student can download and install on her/his smartphone or tablet to directly access the web portal and use all available resources and data.

06 E-learning platform for teachers and practitioners


This output consists in an e-learning platform, an open web learning environment aimed to promote learning, share resources and foster cooperation processes for using, sharing and implementing digital resources for career guidance.
The e-learning platform is supporting the working groups, providing learning resources for the local training pathways and the international meetings and events.
The platform includes:
– Cooperative e-learning classrooms, created through the Moodle software, for distance training and cooperation activities.
– Web seminar platform for distance training and online seminars.
– Access to e-portfolios.