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Improving digital skills for career guidance at school

How to provide innovative guidance services and web tools for the students? How to improve the quality of the guidance services and the professional competences of teachers and career guidance practitioners?

MyFuture project represents a great opportunity to rethink and qualify the guidance services for schools and other educational organizations. The partnership coordinates and supports different local and regional networks that are invited to participate in local working groups and pilot actions involving teachers and stakeholders.

In the UK, the pilot activity carried out by the University of Derby, in collaboration of YC Hertfordshire, will test the My Future quality framework developed by University of Malta.
The research team from the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation at the University of Derby will study UK and EU quality frameworks for career guidance, match consistent aspects and create an international version of the standards.

YC Hertfordshire part of Hertfordshire County Council, in collaboration of the Derby University team, will create on-line video content useful for careers practioners and teachers around careers guidance and the Gatsby Benchmarks. The new online content created will improve careers guidance in schools and help schools to raise their awareness of how to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks.
Hertfordshire will also test the MyFuture e-platform with practioners, teachers and students to make improvements. The videos themselves will be a form of training for teachers, careers co-ordinators and other practioners and will be integrated to the MyFuture web portal.

The pilot action aims :
• to test the MyFuture quality framework;
• to develop specific digital guidance resources based on CMS framework;

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