Myfuture – Take part in the National Pilot Actions!

To provide innovative services and web tools for students and to improve continuing training or teachers and career guidance practitioners are complex processes that require a more effective cooperation at local levels with the direct involvement of all stakeholders. For schools and other educational organizations providing guidance services, the MyFuture project represents a great opportunity to rethink and qualify their services. The partnership coordinates and supports different local and regional networks of schools that are invited to participate in local working groups and pilot actions involving teachers and stakeholders.

What are the factors that ensure the provision of quality guidance services? Through which models can schools qualify their guidance offer? Which tools make it possible to increase accessibility and quality of services? In these days the partnership is working on the design of the national pilot actions to answer these questions through testing of some innovative procedures and approaches for guidance services. The aim is to ensure the highest quality standards and the best allocation of local guidance resources for schools.

The project consortium will create working groups at the local level, involving 80 schools and the main actors of career guidance systems in Italy, Malta, UK, Romania and Denmark.

How to join the experimental actions and access the main project documents? If your school is interested to take part in this project, please contact directly your national partner or the promoters through the project portal.