International Conference in Copenhagen

Quality of career guidance is a key priority for Europe and there is a great need of innovation methodologies and of new digitial resources in this field. On the 11th of April 2018 by the Comwell Copenhagen Conference Center, the MYFUTURE project team will promote the international conference “Quality and Evaluation in Career Guidance in Europe” to share and develop ideas and good practices in career guidance, collecting experiences and innovative pilot acions from Denmark, Italy, Romania, Malta and the United Kingdom.

“MyFuture” ia an Europea project that aims at supporting schools and local guidance systems to improve collaborations and synergies for the development and sharing of information resources and guidance tools.

During the international conference the team will present a new quality framework for career guidance at school and several digital resources and tools for teachers and practitioners.

Moreover, in Copenhagen, it will be presented the results of the international survey on future needs of career guidance in Europe and the National Pilot Action for the improvement of career guidance that have been carried out over the past few months by all national teams.


All materials and documents will be uploaded on the project web site